Solar PPA

Pay for the generated electricity at fixed long-term rates. We guarantee delivery of minimum number of kWh annually. For plant sizes of 500 KW and higher.

Solar Rental Buyout

EMIs come to solar! Guaranteed kWh and free maintance for the lease term. Option to buy anytime at pre-determined rates. Generate your own energy for 25 years. For qualified buyers of captive solar plants of 50 KW to 1 MW.

Global Services

For its international clients, Sure minimizes design and procurement costs. It works with them to deliver best in class products anywhere in the world. Its network of installers in MENA and US, helps lower overall installed cost/Wp.

Solar Solutions

Sure specializes in captive power plants that synchronize with diesel generators and minimize your electricity bills. Installation size from 5 KW to 2 MW as captive power plants.