Who We Are

Sure Energy Systems is a young company founded with the singular focus of making electricity affordable for everybody. We believe that Photovoltaics are the only method of power generation with the potential to address all of humanity’s energy needs – today and tomorrow.

With these lofty goals, Sure started out in 2009 as a product development company, with the aim of manufacturing solar panels in India using a 3rd generation photovoltaic technology called “Dye Solar Cells”. We have been able to demonstrate core enhancements to DSC technology in the lab scale. However, transitioning from lab to manufacturing has been harder.

In late 2011, Sure started its services division to focus on EPC of solar installations. Our growth story tracks adoption of captive solar generation in India. From almost non-existent in 2010 to around 400 MW in 2013, solar captive power plant installations in India have grown exponentially. So have we.

Core Competencies

Quality 100%
Reliability 100%
Timeliness 100%
Flexibility 100%
High performance 100%
High availability 100%

Our Team


Managing Director

Mushtaq brings over fifteen years of experience in manufacturing of specialty glasses and implementation of PV technology. Mushtaq manages operations, business development, and strategy for the company. Mushtaq is a Bachelor in Technology in Materials Science from IIT (Mumbai) and a Master in Ceramic Engineering and Glass Science from Alfred University (USA).


Director, Technology

Anupam has a BTech in Computer Sciences from IIT Chennai, and MS in CS and EE from University of Texas, Austin. He has extensive knowledge base of existing PV technology and applies “mission critical” criteria to ensure high reliability of solar power output in all environmental conditions. He is also a Steinbeis Institute (Germany) certified photovoltaic systems designer.